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The Amazeto features an anti-static rubber and EVA sole preventing body static buildup and protection against minor electrical hazards.

Penetration Resistant

Each Amazeto boot features a stainless steel plate located within the sole to protect against puncture injuries from exposed nails and metal shards.

Slip Resistant

The Amazeto is equipped with a tough, abrasion resistant sole that will prevent slip injuries and provide maximum grip in all conditions.

Water resistant

Each Amazeto boot is suitable for wet applications such as concreting, trenching and sub-water table excavation.

Heat Resistant

The Amazeto's rubber sole is heat resistant up to 600°C and its leather upper is resistant up to 200°C.

Steel Toe Cap

Each Amazeto boot features a 200 joule steel toe cap to provide protection against crush injuries.

Chemical Resistant

Amazeto boots are oil and chemical resistant for protection against spills, without any deleterious effects.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather provides the Amazeto with natural protective qualities while still allowing your feet to breathe.

I have been wearing a pair of Hobart Amazeto work boots now for some 9 months.  As a Civil Concrete…
Bruce Barlow
Project Manager
This is my first pair of Hobart boots, after years of trying different boot manufacturers and styles…
Brad Bloom
I have worked in mining and construction for over thirty five years and have worn all sorts and bran…
Ross Sampson
Construction Worker
Hi Hobart Boots, thanks for providing me with a work safety boot that is very strong and comfortable…
Cameron Munks
I've been wearing Hobart's Amazeto boots for five months now and can't think of a single complaint. …
Robert Johns
It’s been 8 months since I bought my pair of Amazeto boots and they’re showing no sign of wear a…
Jeremy Smit
FIFO Worker

Premium Work Safety Boots

img-1 HOBART Boots represents the next step in work safety boots. Our superior products have been designed and tested to outperform, outlast and outclass the current range of work safety boots in the market. Each product has been developed through a combination of the latest footwear technologies and more time-honoured crafting techniques, including Goodyear Welt Construction. This ensures that our work safety boots achieve the highest quality performance in work safety PPE.

Our premium line, the Amazeto, has been designed by people who actually wear work safety boots. They are constructed with performance foremost in mind, using only the highest quality raw materials and components, such as genuine full grain leather and HOBART EVA cement sole technology. This ensures that our work safety boots last longer than most other work safety boots in the market. It also guarantees that they are comfortable from day one and stay that way.

We look forward to welcoming you into the HOBART world, confident that you will stay once you have experienced the best.