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The Amazeto 

The Amazeto

Australia's Premium Work Safety Boots

Amazeto Work safety bootsAt Hobart Boots, the entire Amazeto range has a long list of features that meet and exceed International safety standards on work safety boots.

The Amazeto work safety boots should be seen as an essential addition to your work safety PPE toolbox. The key to Amazeto’s high performance is the inclusion of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) cement sole technology, a strong, lightweight, shock absorbing compound used in orthotics applications. EVA has great rebound qualities, ensuring that the Amazeto boots will last at least twice as long as most work safety boots in the market.

The Amazeto was specifically designed and produced for the toughest, most corrosive conditions on earth: offshore oil and gas drilling. The work safety boots have since been enhanced after nearly 8,000 hours of research and development to handle the abrasive nature of minerals mining. This makes them virtually indestructible in any application. The ergonomic design of the sole is specifically aimed at providing comfort and reducing fatigue in the legs, which makes the Amazeto a must have in the mining industry where 12 hour shifts and long shutdowns are a standard. The EVA and hard-wearing rubber sole also gives the Amazeto insulation qualities, which greatly increases safety in electrical applications.

HOBART’s Amazetos are reversing the trend towards work safety boots becoming a disposable consumer item. Instead, they represent a sound investment in your personal safety, and should be viewed as excellent quality work safety PPE that will give you a long service life. Why not try them on yourself?


The Amazeto features an anti-static rubber and EVA sole preventing body static buildup and protection against minor electrical hazards.

Penetration Resistant

Each Amazeto boot features a stainless steel plate located within the sole to protect against puncture injuries from exposed nails and metal shards.

Slip Resistant

The Amazeto is equipped with a tough, abrasion resistant sole that will prevent slip injuries and provide maximum grip in all conditions.

Water resistant

Each Amazeto boot is suitable for wet applications such as concreting, trenching and sub-water table excavation.

Heat Resistant

The Amazeto's rubber sole is heat resistant up to 600°C and its leather upper is resistant up to 200°C.

Steel Toe Cap

Each Amazeto boot features a 200 joule steel toe cap to provide protection against crush injuries.

Chemical Resistant

Amazeto boots are oil and chemical resistant for protection against spills, without any deleterious effects.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather provides the Amazeto with natural protective qualities while still allowing your feet to breathe.



Hobart Boots is committed to producing some of the highest quality work safety PPE in the Australian market. That is why we are offering a 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defects in our work safety PPE products. This is in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Under our 12 month guarantee, you will be entitled to a replacement or refund for significant manufacturing defects in our work safety PPE products if you retain your proof of purchase. This guarantee is not applicable to work safety PPE products that have been deliberately misused. For more information please contact us.