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Jeremy Smit - FIFO Worker

It’s been 8 months since I bought my pair of Amazeto boots and they’re showing no sign of wear and tear. In the mines where I work it’s quite easy for a pair of cheap boots to start falling apart after 6 months but this brand has come through and it’s still giving me comfort. Definitely would recommend to others and I’d like to thank the Hobart Boots team for responding so quickly to my inquiries about the boots

J. Smit,
FIFO Worker

Robert Johns - Engineer

I’ve been wearing Hobart’s Amazeto boots for five months now and can’t think of a single complaint. Usually the work safety boots I buy give me blisters but my Hobart’s boots were instantly comfortable, which meant that I could concentrate on the job after taking them out of the box for the first time. The boots haven’t let me down so far, and I think that I’ll still be using them for many months to come. I have already recommended Hobart Boots to some of my mates and they’ve all been very happy with the boots they bought too.

Rob — Engineer

Cameron Munks - Plumber

Hi Hobart Boots, thanks for providing me with a work safety boot that is very strong and comfortable. At first I was a bit unsure whether I would buy the pair of boots because of its price, but the features won me over and now I don’t think I’ll ever buy any brand other than the Amazeto again. As an plumber, my boots are often subjected to a variety of  treatments but the water resistance, electrical resistance, and other features of this boot make me feel safe on the worksite. This is PPE that every person needing work safety boots should buy

Cameron Munks – Plumber

Ross Sampson - Construction Worker

I have worked in mining and construction for over thirty five years and have worn all sorts and brands of steel cap boots.  I have never had a pair last longer than a year.  I have been wearing a pair of Hobart Boots for over eighteen months now and have worked on the construction of a salt washery and an iron ore plant.  These environments were either corrosive and wet or dusty, coarse and abrasive.  My Hobart boots still have tread, are still as comfortable as slippers and still feel as supportive as when they came out of the box.  Just given them a new pair of laces and reckon they will go another year, easy.

Ross Sampson

Brad Bloom - Electrician

This is my first pair of Hobart boots, after years of trying different boot manufacturers and styles I have finally found a boot which is comfortable and long lasting.  In my line of work as an electrician, I walk kilometres each day on different surfaces so it has been great to find a boot I can take off at the end of the day and my feet don’t feel painful and wrecked.  The boots are durable and sturdy and can take a good beating.  My next pair of boots will be Hobarts and I’d recommend them to anyone I know.

Brad Bloom

Electrical Superintendent

Bruce Barlow - Project Manager

I have been wearing a pair of Hobart Amazeto work boots now for some 9 months.  As a Civil Concrete Contractor our boots are punished in mud, slush, concrete, waste water and chemicals from the various processing plants and sites we have worked on and around.  I have been involved in this type of construction for some 25 years and tried many different types of the Work Boots currently available on the market.  When I first tried on the Hobart’s I was impressed at how light and comfortable they were for a big boot.  We are regularly wearing our boots 12 to 13 hours a day, I find they feel just as good at the end of the day as they did when I put them on in the morning; they fit well, feel well and wear well.  After 9 months of use they are still looking great.  I would have no hesitation in buying them again for myself and our workforce or recommending them to other potential users.

Thanks Hobart,

Bruce Barlow

Project Manager

BLS Construction

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